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Creative Notes

Drawing in the Margins!

Creative Notes - drawing in the margins
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Hello there!

This is a community for anyone who draws in the margins of their notes during class, and/or anyone who is interested in the sketches. This is mainly a community for posting, sharing, and discussing the sketches people have done in their notes. Also, you may share random sketches that weren't necessarily drawn in class notes.


1. Please put all large pictures under an LJ-cut.

2. For any potentially offensive pictures, please put a warning above the LJ-cut.

3. Along with the sketch, please include some information about it: What class was it drawn in? Does it correlate to the material being covered in class, or was it just a random sketch? Would you like a critique on your work, or are you just posting for fun? Etc.

You don't have to just post sketches that you've done recently. You can go ahead and post sketches from whenever, just tell us a little about it in the entry. (Example- 'This is a sketch from sixth grade when we were doing the greek mythology unit...')

4. Constructive criticism is allowed for post that asks for a critique, however, rudeness will not be tolerated. Don't be a jerk just because you can. Please do not start any LJ Drama. The moderator reserves the right to delete any dramatic and rude comments.

For posts that ask for a critique: Please leave comments along the lines of, "The proportion here needs some work- The torso is a bit too long. You might want to add more shading too, the image looks flat and needs more vaolume..." ((Remember to phrase them kindly- constructive criticism))

For Posts that DO NOT ask for a critique: Please leave comments along the lines of, "Cool! Is that from the old cartoon show? I remember watching that! (etc.)"

For either type of post: You can always compliment entires. :-)

5. Offensive language is allowed in this community, but we ask that you use it in moderation.


When you join the community, we ask that you please make an introductory post, just to let everyone know that you have joined:

Copy and paste! (Plase note: Write your answers after the "<*/b>" or else everything will be bolded)



LJ-CUT: If you don't know how to do an LJ-cut, it will explain how to here.

POSTING PHOTOS: After you have transferred your sketch onto the computer using either a scanner or a digital camera, you need a way to get it online.

There are many photo hosting sites out there, but one of the more user-friendly and popular sites is Photobucket.

You will need to sign up for an account and then upload your photos. Copy the link from the text box that appears next to "Tag" and paste the link in the LJ entry.


1. Promoting a community in Creative Notes: You may advertise your own community here, but please ASK FIRST. (Either leave a comment on the Moderator's journal or e-mail the moderator- address found on moderator's userinfo page. Mod: fighting_dreamr) It doesn't have to be related to this community.

For the subject of the promotion post, please use "Community Promotion"

For the context of the community promotion post, please provide a detailed description of the community and post a banner (optional). If the banners are so big that they interfere with the layout of the community, please put them under a cut .

Please only use one (or a reasonalbe number of) <'LJ user=" "'> tag(s). Not just a post with fifty in a row.

2. Promotion of creative_notes: Promotion of the community is optional, but encouraged. Promoting the community at this stage would be greatly appreciated, as it is a young community.

Feel free to use the banners below, or to create your own. If you do create your own, please okay them with the moderator (fighting_dreamr) before using them. (Moderator's e-mail can be found on the moderator's userinfo.)

Promo Banners


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Affiliate with us: Would you like to become an affiliate of creative_notes? Please contact the moderator, fighting_dreamr.