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- Naruto (Lee, Naruto, Sakura, mention of Gai and Kakashi)

Me: Yosh!

Me being shy like Hinata on Naruto

Nervous laugh



Teenage Ando (kalyn_ando)

Ando again with a random line of non-canon thought

PiraTOR Ando (With L's eyes from the anime series Death Note)

Cat-fang attack Ando

Insecure Io

Young Io

These next two images go together. They were a bit from a fic idea I thought up in class- Io was at one point Ando's Padawan. Ando had tkaen a gamble on Io becuase of her below average abilities, but Ando was determined to show the Jedi Order that through discipline, even those without a lot of natural talent could become great Jedi Knights. Io's skills had greatly improved shortly before Io decided to defy the Council and walk out on the order to join the Mandalorian War. After that, Anod was distrusted by the Jedi Order and her status was stripped. Though she chose to stay loyal to the Order, Ando was unsure of how she felt toward her former student. She was both angered at Io's rash decision and blatant disreguard for her teachings, yet she was worried about her as well, still holding a bond to her, even if it was strained.

My plot bunny was that Ando somehow helped out Io Zelle in a way that would Defy the Order, compromising herself to save her exiled padawan... And that she was about to face the consequences for such an action:

Io freaking out after she hears the news...

Kalyn Ando on trial

Naruto Related:

Pink haired Ninja (finished)


I don't even know. I guess I was curious about the Gai/Kakashi Yaoi pairing and wondered what it would look like if they somehow mated. Or maybe I was wondering what it would be like if Rock Lee looked up to kakashi as much as he looked up to Gai. I can't really remember. This is the scary result.

Rock lee as an Egyptian. Because... why not?

Reverse Roundhouse


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