Carrie (fighting_dreamr) wrote in creative_notes,

Sketch Post

-Star Wars
-Naruto (Rock Lee)
-Civil War


The outfit I was wearing with some ninja upgrades ;-)

Star Wars/theoldrepublic:

This was going to be my new rpg character, but I decided to make her human instead of a Twi'lek

The same character, only human



Naruto: (These are all of my favorite character from the show, Rock Lee)

This was done in my cultural diversiy class. We were making this big deal about origin, so I wrote "I'm Japanese!" next to him since naruto is a Japanese show

The violet heart is a necklace I have that I traced. "Yosh!" Means "Okay!" or "Alright!"

Around 12 years old in the show's flashbacks. This look > spandex jumpsuit/moptop look

Same outfit plus 8 years or so

This is from my class with Dr. Watson, one of my mentors. It is a quote from episode 100 and paralells my own view of prof Watson.

Civil War:

Rock Lee as a Union soldier/Confederate soldier at Shiloh in the Hornet's Nest

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